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July 1st, 2018
From: Ryan Williams 
Re: The Crypto Revolution, Your Financial Future

Dear Friend,

The world economy is in a state of disaster.

Jobs are being cut left, right and centre.

Houses are being lost, lives are being torn apart, and marriages are failing.

Nobody is safe… 

I sure wasn’t.

At 52 years old, after being a corporate slave for my fat-cat boss for countless years… I lost my job.

I lost my house.

And, most important to me, I lost my wife. I don’t blame her: I couldn’t provide for our family. I was a failure… and that was crushing.

Did you know that every single day more than 27,643 jobs in the USA alone are lost? Looking at the worldwide figures, things are just as bad… and I was one of those numbers.

After I lost my job, I spent countless sleepless nights online, trying to make ends meet. I bought system and system, ebook after ebook, trading system and formula after formula…

… and nothing worked. Have you ever felt like you were a failure? 

Have you failed to make even one measly dollar online?
I Totally Understand

It’s not your fault.

The “gurus” want it this way.

The truth hit me hard… The gurus are simply manipulating markets by selling the innocent, hard working masses (like you and me) whatever they need to sell at the time to tilt specific markets to their favour.

Just a few short months ago, I bought in to some fat-cats cryptocurrency newsletter promising to deliver pick after pick that would make me rich…

And after investing $5,000 in his recommendations - I nearly lost it all.

That’s when I knew there must be a better way…

… and I was right.
You Can Get Hundreds Of Cryptocurrencies Without
Spending A Single Cent, Penny or Dime!
By now, I’m sure you’ve at least heard of this mysterious “cryptocurrency” world. It’s all over the news - you don’t have to look far.

If you don’t believe me, here’s just a handful major news report which proves that this isn’t just some fad…
Cryptocurrencies are big business - the total market cap stands at over $275 BILLION dollars.

And while Bitcoin is the largest, it only accounts for 40% of the market. 

The remaining $165 BILLION dollars in market-cap is made up of smaller cryptocurrencies... and I finally cracked the code. 

This little-known secret allows you to obtain literally hundreds of Cryptocurrencies for absolutely no cost what-so-ever…
Introducing The Free Crypto Secret:
Blowing The Lid Off The Life-Changing 
Power Of FREE Crypto
Here’s just a few of the things you’ll find inside The Free Crypto Secret manual…
  • How to add dozens of cryptocurrencies to your wallet for FREE every single month
  • Complete guidance on how to properly store your fast growing Crypto wallet… Again, with NO COSTS involved
  • How to know exactly which free cryptocurrencies to add to your wallet if you’re pressed for time (there can be a lot of opportunities at once, so picking the best ones is an art!)
You must be thinking that all sounds great and that I’m some kind of super genius, but…
I Can’t Take Credit For The System
The Free Crypto Secret was not really my doing. 

It was actually my old colleague, Warren, who discovered the unbelievable “underground world” of free Crypto tokens.

The way it works is really quite simple.

You see, most new Cryptocurrencies are completely unknown by most people - and there are now over 2,000 crypto-tokens in the world. 

To get attention and encourage adoption, the creators of these Crypto’s offer completely free tokens to people who are “in the know”, purely as a way of picking up momentum and in hopes of you sharing and telling your friends about it. 

And it works - PayPal grew this way too initially, by offering $10 in real cash to new members when they initially launched.

$10 might not sound like a lot of money, but in crypto, this is huge for two reasons…

1.) There can be hundreds of these opportunities at any given time with new ones every month 
(there’s often too many to go through and you’ll be spoilt for choice!)

2.) Crypto’s market-cap is exploding, and hundreds of coins have exploded in growth by factors as high as 5000x their initial prices. So that $10 could become a very, very big number

Furthermore, some Crypto-companies go big right from that start, and offer up to $100 of their tokens right away… Imagine seeing that grow 1000x over a few months like some Crypto have done... 

That could turn your $100 in free tokens to $100,000 - and all that would require is ONE token to grow at a rate dozens of other Cryptocurrencies have recently done. 

You'd think that's impossible, but it's happened so many times already in the market.

This is one of the biggest secrets in Crypto right now - and I’m giving you the full juicy details, so that you can start collecting free tokens immediately.
Why It’s Just $17.99
I'm only charging $17.99 for the complete Free Crypto Secret, and not giving this away, for 3 reasons.

Reason One: $17 puts the secret within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the humblest beginning.

Reason Two: Anyone who's not serious enough about their personal growth and success to invest $17.99 into this doesn’t deserve one of the limited copies available… plain and simple.

Reason Three: Anyone who is serious enough to put down the price of a fast food dinner for 2 and obtain this secret has the opportunity to seriously change their life and the lives of their loved ones within mere hours.

I mean, seriously - we're talking the ability to get completely FREE cryptocurrencies - one of the hottest markets in the world right now. Excuse my language, but you'd be plain dumb to pass up on this given the no-risk nature.

So if you’re ready to finally see the success you deserve, then hit the big “happy orange” BUY NOW button below.
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Plenty of time to be collecting your free Crypto tokens! How is that for fair? 

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